Changing the World One Well at a Time

Changing the World One Well at a Time

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With your help, Sustain Beauty Co is pleased to announce the people in the El Salvadoran community of Cantón Cangrejera Centro Los llanitos has water. In the past year, every single purchase at Sustain Beauty Co has donated to this project in cooperation with The Thirst Project, and thanks to you we can proudly say these 280 residents now have a sustainable well that provides clean water.

This project is only the first step in our plans to give more communities the water they need to survive in some of the harshest conditions in South America and beyond.

Why Your Efforts Matter

Imagine for a moment turning on your tap and having nothing come out. Then imagine it for days, weeks, or even years. 663 million people do not have access to safe, clean water. What many of us take for granted is worth more than gold to these masses. Did you know that every 21 seconds a child dies of diseases in water that is impure? We believe we can change that, not in the future, but NOW.

Almost 25% of the global population lives in a water-stressed region.

At times, it's not just access to water but also clean and safe drinking water. Contamination can over time can cause kidney damage and even, death. And occasionally a water truck will bring them provisions, but these are too few and far between to sustain life. These communities are too small for many governments to notice and live in remote areas that are hard to get to.

Remote is not a problem when you have passion, ingenuity, and the desire to improve life in the third world. It is heartbreaking to see how these groups are forced to live, to cook, to clean, to bath, and we had to do something about it. Each well can give generations the water for all of these needs, at no cost to the community, and provide them with a higher quality of life.

How You Contributed to This Project

If you are already enjoying any of our products, you've already contributed. Every purchase has a percentage allocated to this project and our next, targeted at the end of 2022. And the contribution you've made has made a HUGE impact. For example, each ECOHEADS showerhead or Ping donates enough to give one person drinking water for a year. For those of you that have subscribed to either the Scrummi Sustainable Single-Use Towels or Paper Not Foil, you've donated enough to give someone drinking water for life.

Do those sound like small percentages? We didn’t think so.

Don't stop there; share our purpose and why you use our tools to raise awareness within the salon community, but also your clients and community. Spreading the word about the importance of helping others through the climate crisis is a powerful message that raises awareness about you as well. When crafting your message on how you've contributed to this project, don't forget to mention the product you invested in. Every brand at Sustain Beauty Co was designed to keep your carbon footprint as low as possible, making your service and salon business more sustainable.

About The Thirst Project

When the Thirst Project was just taking off, the founders felt like one person couldn't truly make a difference in the face of such a big problem. However, the power of youth and the desire to make the world a better place has proven their own self-doubt wrong. The right thinking and a passion for never wasting this incredible resource.

What started as a spark is growing into a blaze, and today, The Thirst Project is deep into educating students, brands, and communities about the importance of water and how easily we can ruin this resource if we don’t take care to manage the risks and dangers that can make it unusable.

The Thirst Project is a student-driven organization that sees the perils of water preservation not being taken seriously. That alone gives us hope for the future. But with the backing of Sustain Beauty Co, they also have the funding for outreach, undertaking exactly what they originally set out to do.

In places without clean, safe water, prosperity is not a word you would hear, ever. But with these two companies combining their efforts, they are already planning a future trip to build another well for an underserved community, letting them know someone cares and wants them to thrive.

Final Thoughts

If you are ready to join a community that is forward-thinking, benevolent, puts art before profit, you are in the right place. Help us rewrite the narrative and improve water needs around the world. It all starts with you. Our company manifesto is simple: We protect both stylists and the environment equally, we reduce the footprint of consumables in our industry, all our products and materials are ethically sourced and made in responsible manufacturing facilities, and we want the artists to feel empowered. With this, we are setting the standard in the industry.

Thirst Project - Save Water. Give Water.