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The foundation of our company is built on this manifesto. Everything we do focuses on achieving these goals.

#1 - Preserving Resources

There is only so much of the natural resources on the planet, and we're not just talking about oil, coal or energy producers. What about water? Minerals? Clean air? It's important to consider how your products come to you and what they are made from. We look for products that reduce the amount of resources needed to produce the same (or better) result. Take Paper Not Foil, which is made from rocks found on the ground rather than cutting down trees or mining minerals. Or biodegradable towels which reduce the amount of water needed to clean your towels. Or ECOHEADS spray nozzles, which reduce water and energy usage by up to 65%. Use less, save more.

#2 - Responsible Consumption

If we all divided up the amount of resources equally amongst everyone on the planet, chances are we are over-consuming as an industry. In fact, studies have revealed people from developed countries emit more than 10 times the amount of carbon that the earth can sustain. Yikes! Being responsible with the products you use doesn't mean that you have to stop creating beautiful work, it just means supporting the busy stylist with ways to make their work more responsible. For example, The Ping makes your color go further reducing wastage and we also recommend a complementary technology that brings awareness to consumption patterns and reduces the amount wasted.

#3 - Leave No Trace

We are working with companies that are actively seeking ways to help beauty leave no trace – from reducing waste to saving water to creating biodegradable products. We will help the industry to reduce our impact on the planet, by making it as easy as possible but also without sacrifice to quality. We endeavor to utilize digital education and we are working towards all our products and packaging being made from recycled material that can either be recycled again or will biodegrade. But more than that, you’ll find our eco-friendly products will enable you to provide an even better service to your clients than planet-destroying alternatives. Oh, and if you aren't using Green Circle Salons services it's a must for any salon looking to ensure they dispose of salon materials responsibly.

#4 - Healthy Workplace

From the very beginning of our journey, it was imperative that we focused our efforts on protecting and supporting the health, wealth and creativity of the stylist. You cannot be sustainable as an industry unless you ensure workplace safety is at the forefront of the business. Hair stylists face an incredibly toxic environment in the name of their work, with extreme chemicals, back breaking work and body compromising strain. We want to help stylists do what they love, pain free.

#5 - Community Design

Part of the carbon footprint of any product is not just how it's made and the sourcing of the raw materials, but also how it gets to you. We celebrate home-grown efforts, utilizing what is naturally occurring around you. For example, that beautiful retail display upcycled from driftwood as well as choosing carbon efficient transport (takes longer, but worth it) and choosing to manufacture in areas that limit their impact on the environment.

Your Purchase Makes a Difference

When you purchase from Sustain Beauty Co, a portion will be donated on your behalf to support the Thirst Project, a charity that builds wells in underserved communities around the world.

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