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Scrummi sustainable salon products for the professional and eco friendly salon.

Scrummi Sustainable Salon Towels

Scrummi sustainable salon towels are a high-end, more hygienic experience for your client while being more absorbent and completely removing the need for laundry. This premium single-use towel is the industry’s only certified compostable and biodegradable towel and uses sustainably sourced wood pulp, which exceeds the capacity for water absorption over cotton and significantly reduces the amount of water needed to produce and launder cotton towels, driving down your overall footprint.

Salon laundry, whether you retain staff to do laundry at the salon or use a service, is expensive and time-intensive. Single-use towels are both better, more sustainable, and have proven to be more cost-effective than the overhead for laundry.

Scrummi sustainable towels from the Industry’s Sustainable Source

Sustainable Salon Products from Scrummi

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The Natural Way to Dry

Scrummi 10x more absorbent than a cotton towel and also soothes the cuticle. For those curly heads that are used to skipping the towel, or even going straight for a micro towel to dry the hair – ditch them all and grab a Scrummi. The blot and squeeze method of the wood pulp towel will not rough the hair cuticle like a traditional towel and shortens your styling time, improves product performance, and keeps your hair smooth.

But wait…how is single-use more sustainable?

In general, it is more sustainable to reuse as often as possible to reduce the burden of disposal and manufacturing process of a new item. This very credible 3R’s argument – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – is highly regarded as a way to reduce the negative effects of waste on our environment. Of course, this is focused on products that have a high impact during manufacturing and cannot be disposed of easily, like plastic waste, for example.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule. Re-using cotton towels in this instance causes much more damage to our environment than using Scrummi Towels.

#1 – Cotton isn’t what you think.

Towels made of 100% cotton are often disposed of in as little as 30 washes because they lose their threads or become stained from hair color.
That is why, the majority of towels used in the salon aren’t 100% cotton, but instead are blended with plastic or polyester which release damaging microplastics into the waterways with each wash. While towels made from 100% cotton will biodegrade in 6-9 months, but it is also important to consider a high percentage of towels are synthetic and contain polyester and other plastics that simply do not break down for thousands of years.

#2 – Production issues with cotton.

Cotton is a natural agricultural product requiring a lot of water, labor, and landmass to produce. Scrummi Towels start life at Cedar and Eucalyptus trees – cellulose from wood is used to produce fibers that Scrummi bind together to make their towels, applying innovative and sustainable processes for eco-conscious manufacturing. All of the wood sources for their salon towels are procured from Central European forests. Their wood supplies come from forestry operations that are certified according to recognized sustainability criteria, such as the FSC® and PEFCTM standards. Strict legal regulations throughout Central Europe ensure compliance with this sustainability principle. The yearly volume of wood regrowth in certified Austrian forests is 10 million cubic meters higher than the wood quantities harvested per year, which is why Scrummi works almost exclusively sources their raw materials from these sustainable forests.

#3 – Laundry is nasty.

Laundry is fraught with issues for the salon. It takes up valuable square footage, requires a lot of labor, and pollutes an astronomical amount. High-efficiency machines use between 15 and 30 gallons of water per load. The average salon will wash around 300 towels a week, using around 4,680 gallons of water each year, conservatively. All of which flows back into the waterways contaminated with chemicals used in the process.

#4 – Laundry doesn’t always clean 100%.

Ok, we just didn’t want to be too negative. It NEVER completely disinfects the towel, so the next time you use it, it won’t be completely sanitary. Scrummi is completely sanitary, used only on that client, and is a superior product that alleviates the emotional burden of choosing something single-use. You can use a sustainable, more hygienic product without feeling like you are damaging the environment.