Sustainable Beauty

It’s a Thing

The professional beauty industry has no shortage of products. Until recent years, hairstylists have struggled finding reliable products that were both eco-friendly and delivered results. We believe professionals shouldn’t sacrifice quality to protect their health and the environment and now scour the globe looking for sustainable beauty products that perform. Welcome to that sweet spot of amazing products and soul satisfaction.

The SBCo Criteria

Sustain Beauty Co was born with the mission to help identify authentic, credible and environmentally responsible brands that put the stylist at the forefront of their purpose. All Sustain Beauty Co products must:

  1. Reduce the footprint of consumables of our industry.
  2. Empower artists to create beauty, responsibly.
  3. Protect the stylist and the environment, equally.
  4. Source products and materials from ethical sources and responsible manufacturing facilities.

Going ‘green’ shouldn’t sacrifice in quality results and the professional beauty industry should have more options to be sustainably beautiful.

Sustain Beauty Co Brands

Get going on your green journey!

  • ECOHEADS Showerhead

  • Bang Face Shields

  • Paper Not Foil

  • The Ping

  • Scrummi Sustainable Salon Towel

  • Procare 24*7 Foil Cutting Machine


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