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A long history in the beauty industry that spans hair color and technology, we came across our sustainable journey by accident, or maybe not. We are frankly a group of corporate misfits, jumping out of the suit space in the professional beauty industry because we love the people, but hated big business. We wanted to find products that truly make a difference and started by creating a stringent list of criteria that each of our recommendations must meet. Now known as the SBCo commandments. A bit corny? Yeah, but it’s served us well as we now represent some of the industry’s top eco-responsible brands and have a reputation for finding and sourcing innovative products that artists love.

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Our Brands

It can be hard to determine what is sustainable and what is ‘green washing.’ Claims of being natural or organic are not enough in our opinion. A true dedication to a sustainable future means a company must be holistically engaged from several angles.

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Our Manifesto

The foundation of our company is built on what we call a manifesto. This statement drives all of our decisions, our purpose for being and who we partner with.

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