Scrummi Intro Bundle

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Sample the modern toweling method with the Scrummi Intro Pack. This bundle includes three of the favorite Scrummi Salon products:

  • One (50 pack) Scrummi Hair Towels

  • One (50 pack) Scrummi Small Towels

  • One tub (100 wipes) Natural, Biodegradable Color Removing Wipes

Dive into a sample of the most popular products from the Scrummi Salon range. This intro pack includes the following:

  • One pack of 50 single-use, compostable hair towels. Choose from white or black in your pack and swap out your laundry routine for a fresh towel on every client that goes back to the earth instead of contaminating the water sources.

  • One pack of 50 white single-use, compostable small towels. Perfect for short hair services, nail, waxing, or even to create a more sustainable hand drying experience. These soft, elegant towels are sure to wow your guests.

  • One tub of the best color removing wipes you'll use. They are all-natural and hypoallergenic, using dead sea salts and zero chemicals, giving you peace of mind matched with effectiveness. Each tub has 100 wipes and a recyclable container.

Order the intro pack and then schedule a call with our Scrummi Concierge to setup your preferred towel service interval. All subscription services ship free!

Save up to 40% on your laundry bill with Scrummi towels and linens. With a range of sizes and two core colors, stylists that switch to Scrummi never go back to cotton.

BRAND: Scrummi

Plant-Based Salon Towels

Single-use doesn't have to be dirty. In fact, in cases like these, using a responsibly made towel once is better. Discover all the reasons why Scrummi is B-Corp certified and determined to help stylists ditch laundry.

The Scrummi Method

Check out the power of Scrummi when you use the method created by stylists loving the effects of the industry's favorite microfiber towel.

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