SBCo Product Warranty

All Sustain Beauty Co products are sourced from manufacturers that adhere to standards that match the ethics and beliefs of Sustain Beauty Co and our community. Each brand represented here on Sustain Beauty Co has a substantial warranty that we service directly. You do NOT need to go to the manufacturer to get service, we take care of you. If you purchased from another distributor, you will need to register your product before you can receive service. We will still take care of you, but we just need to work with our industry partners to make sure we are collaborative on taking care of you. Please complete the form below titled REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT.

If you purchased directly from Sustain Beauty Co, or ECOHEADS North America, you can skip that part and complete the SUBMIT A CLAIM or REQUEST SPARE PARTS form to get a new part or replacement out to you from our support team.

See below for information on what is covered for each product brand.

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ECOHEADS manufactures the showerhead, The Ping and Bang Face shields. Each product is manufactured to the highest standard and are individually tested before leaving the factory. In the unlikely event of the product proving defective due to faulty workmanship or materials, then at its sole discretion, Sustain Beauty Co will repair or replace the product at no charge within one year from the date of purchase. A replacement product assumes the remaining warranty of the original or 90 days, whichever provides longer coverage.

Black Ring

This is the black cap on the face of the ECOHEADS showerhead that holds on the silver plate.

Clear Thread

This is the clear plastic screw cap at the bottom of the handle that covers the filter and connects to the hose and adapter.


The filter is the piece in the handle of the ECOHEADS showerhead that pops out to be cleaned. It shouldn’t have to be replaced as it’s re-usable and just needs a clean, however, stranger things have happened and we are here for you.

Support & Warranty for ECOHEADS products

ECOHEADS has a complete warranty for the first year where all parts are replaced at no cost to you. If your spray nozzle was purchased beyond the one year mark, but you still need a spare part, we are still able to repair your product in most cases, but the shipping is no longer covered by the manufacturer. We try to extend the lifespan of every single product as long as possible.

To qualify for the warranty, salons who purchased their products from a distributor OTHER than Sustain Beauty Co or ECOHEADS North America must register their purchase within 30 days of installation.

To claim under this warranty, salons should report the issue to their Distributor as the official ECOHEADS supplier. The Distributor should report all issues within a reasonable time frame to Sustain Beauty Co and be able to prove the date of purchase and serial number. Only authenticated showerheads will be considered for return and resolution under this warranty.


  • Damage caused by misuse, improper treatment or forced usage.
  • Damage caused by failure to comply with installation instructions.
  • Damage caused by or resulting in incorrect installation, maintenance or non-maintenance.


Paper Not Foil is manufactured using low energy and sustainable methods, with packs inspected before they leave the warehouse. In the unlikely chance they are damaged or defecting, rendering them unusable, Sustain Beauty Co will replace all orders placed through Sustain Beauty Co’s website. If your order was placed with another supplier, you will need to contact them directly to receive replacements.

To qualify for the warranty, you must have purchased your Paper Not Foil from Sustain Beauty Co within the last 30 days. Only unopened packs of paper will be considered for refunds if the product is not defective.


  • Damage caused by misuse, improper treatment or forced usage.
  • Damage caused by failure to comply with instructions.

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