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Paper Not Foil is the world’s first sustainable hair foil, researched and developed in New Zealand. When Founder, Amanda Buckingham, created Paper Not Foil she wanted the tool to have multiple benefits to all users. That is why ‘Paper,’ as the stylist community calls it, is also re-useable. Our paper foils are made from industrial waste and have the ability to be reused up to three times.

500 sheets per pack.




How to Use Paper

Reusing Paper

Making Paper re-useable increases it’s sustainable benefit, reduces costs and reduces waste. Wash your Paper by hand or put them in the washing machine with a few towels and some biodegradable detergent or shampoo. Once they have been washed, pull them out, and either air dry them overnight on a clothesline or in a pile or you can put them in the dryer. If you are going to use a clothes dryer, again we suggest you put them in with a few towels. Don’t dry them longer than 10 minutes, they should only take one or two minutes to dry.

Weight N/A
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Small – 10cm wide x 40cm long, Large – 13cm wide x 40cm long


Paper Not Foil

2 reviews for Paper Not Foil

  1. Shyloh Divilio

    Love them! I’ve tried ever “alternate” foiling method out there and this is BY FAR the best environmentally conscious alternative there is. Lightweight but doesnt slip, not too expensive per piece, reusable that cleans up super easy. I am so excited they are available in the US now!

  2. collectivecurl (verified owner)

    I received mine today and went right to work using them. I can’t say enough positive things about these! The feel is great, weight is perfect, and really easy to apply. They have some substance top them and I appreciate that. They clean up so easily, compared to mesh or other paper products I’ve used. I support these one hundred percent!

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