Biodegradable Stylist Apron


The Scrummi stylist apron fully protects the stylist during treatments, so you can stop filling in bleach stains with that sharpie. Sold in boxes of five rolls of 50, so each purchase will give you 250 aprons.

  • Ties around back and neck
  • Certified with Seedling Logo and OK Compost
  • Light green colour
  • Dispose of with organic waste or in bagless bin to ensure biodegradability

Scrummi Bio-Aprons are made from the same material as food-caddy bin liners. Due the the plant-based composition they can have a mild organic scent that will dissipate after a few moments.


Biodegradable single-use stylist apron for salon. Waterproof to protect uniform & clothing during color treatments.


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