Massage Treatments Leveled Up

From full body and back massage through to sports and deep tissue massages, this treatment can be improved with a range of Scrummi Spa products.

Award Winning Spa Products

Just lay a cotton towel over the table to provide a soft layer. Either use a Scrummi Spa Sheet with Hole to lay over the towel and the head rest or our Spa Sheet, these sheets provide a soft and hygienic layer between your towel and the client.

Have a second towel turned back and ready on the couch with a Scrummi Spa Body Towel or a second Spa Sheet laid under the towel. This way, when your client lays face down on the couch and the towel is pulled over their back they will only ever be in contact with our Scrummi Spa Sheets. Our luxurious waffle textured Spa Sheets will help retain the heat, and always be a lot softer than a cotton towel.

When you have completed your treatment you can dispose of the Spa Sheets safe in the knowledge that they will be biodegrade within 8-12

Massage Table Protectors

Protect your spa equipment with Scrummi’s single-use table protectors made from biodegradable material.

Spa Wrap Sheet

Wrap your spa guests in luxurious, soft wrap sheets made from the award-winning waffle fabric that is chemical-free, soft, and warm giving a comfortable and safe treatment upgrade.

Spa Sheet

Chemical-free, soft, and warm, this sheet is biodegradable so you can dispose of the sheet after the service. Feel good about skipping the laundry and upgrading your service experience.

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