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Scrummi Spa works in harmony with your current Esthetic treatment setup. Improves hygiene, speeds up change-over times and helps in reaching your sustainable targets.

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Besides Esthetics, What Other Spa Services Do You Provide?

Facial Mitts

The one-size-fits-all facial mitt is soft, chemical-free, and incredibly absorbent making it the perfect material to safely and effectively cleanse the skin during a facial service.

Facial Towels

Treat your clients to soft and luxurious single-use towels that are chemical-free, and incredibly absorbent making these towels the perfect material to safely and effectively cleanse the skin during a facial service.

Headbands for Facials

Soft and stretchy for a comfortable fit, the Scrummi single-use headband perfectly protects your client’s hair with the same luxurious material that is biodegradable and chemical-free.

A Complete System of Biodegradable Toweling Products for Your Spa

by introducing the Scrummi Spa biodegradable toweling and treatment range and using it alongside your traditional cotton toweling you could dramatically increase your sustainable credentials as well as increase productivity and hygiene levels.

Spa Wrap Sheet

Wrap your spa guests in luxurious, soft wrap sheets made from the award-winning waffle fabric that is chemical-free, soft, and warm giving a comfortable and safe treatment upgrade.

Spa Sheet

Chemical-free, soft, and warm, this sheet is biodegradable so you can dispose of the sheet after the service. Feel good about skipping the laundry and upgrading your service experience.

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