Procare 24*7 Foil Machine

Precision matters when reducing your carbon footprint. And it’s even better when it’s hands-free.

Procare 24*7 Foil Cutting Machine

The new 24*7 foil dispenser from Procare is the easiest and most reliable way to prepare your foils. Simply choose your length and fold preference from the keypad, select the number of foils to prepare (from 1 – 50), and press the start button. Check your messages, mix your color, prep your client, save on time.

The 24*7 foil cutter and dispenser produces precisely trimmed and folded foils based on your specification, quickly, quietly, and completely hands-free. The precision means you never waste foil in excess length and you won’t feel the need to over cut the foils because it’s so easy to print a few more.

Dispose of your hair foils responsibly with your preferred salon recycling company.

Get Your Time Back with Procare 24*7 Foil Cutting Machine

  • Procare 24*7 Foil Cutting Machine

  • 24*7 Foil Refill Rolls


Save Time and Money with Procare 24*7 Foil Cutting Machine

The 24*7 produces up to 20 foils per minute, all perfectly trimmed and folded. Simply choose the length of foil needed and the size of the fold and the 24*7 does the rest.

How Much Should I Order?

It all depends on how many foil clients a week you see. A single roll will last you approximately 50 clients if you are typically cutting 12 in foils. A little more if you cut them shorter.

If you do ten clients on an average day, you’ll be going through around a roll a week, or one case of four each month.

Still stuck? Let us crunch the numbers for you and email the team at