Swivel Adapter for the ECOHEADS Showerhead

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Certain basin orientations can make it hard to angle a spray nozzle for rinsing hard to reach places like the nape. This swivel adapter is ideal for salons that have side-standing basins where more flexibility is needed between the hose and the spray nozzle. A female-to-female opening, this swivel replaces the adapter that comes in the ECOHEADS standard edition and connects easily to the ECOHEADS hose.
The swivel adapter is a 360-degree rotation adding optimal flexibility to the connection between the hose and the head, reducing pressure on the hose, spray nozzle, and your wrist and elbow. This add-on for the showerhead helps with mobility and ergonomics and comes as part of the ECOHEADS Black Edition or as an add-on for the standard edition.