Leaf 'Black Edition' Hairdressing Shears

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Handling Right-Handed
Blade Length 5 inch

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The Leaf Black edition is a premium hairdressing shear designed to suit all stylists no matter their level of experience. This hand-crafted tool is designed 'by Hairdressers, for Hairdressers' with clear objectives in mind - ergonomics, durability, and expression. When using Leaf shears, you shouldn't be thinking about the shears, but you can feel confident as if the shears are an extension of your hand, letting you explore your creativity with freedom and expression.

Every Shear Purchase Plants 10 Trees!

Available for left or right-handed professionals in 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, and 7 inch models.
The Leaf Black Edition is more than just an amazing pair of hairdressing shears. They are a vision for a cleaner, cooler planet. When you purchase a pair of shears, they come with it's own carrying case, a tightening tool and 10 trees are planted in your name.