the scrummi Home experience

Single-use towels for beauty routines are more and more popular, touting hygiene, performance and convenience as the top reasons for mass adoption. But only Scrummi is also sustainable.

The Anytime -You-Care-Towel

Salons have been offering their color guests a take-home Scrummi for years. 
Now they can offer it for all the occasions guests have been asking for!

It's More than just a towel


When Cleanliness Matters

Guests that suffer from skin conditions from either bacteria infections or contact with detergent or chemical residue will rave about the simple pleasure of a soft, clean towel every time.
10x More Absorbent

Cotton sucks. But Not Water.

Scrummi towels take on a tremendous amount of water - over twice their weight - because of the cellulose material they are made out of. Third party tests concluded a Scrummi towel is 10x more absorbent than a standard cotton towel. 

FUN FACT: Because it pulls water into itself it feels damp, whereas because cotton towels leave the water on your hair and skin, it often feels drier. #science
Certified Compostable

Scrummi is B-Corp and Seedling Certified

When it comes to sustainability, it's important to lean on third party certifications. Scrummi is not only a B Corp, it's certified as compostable so you can advise your guests to dispose of their Scrummi in their standard green bin making it a fully circular solution.
Ultimate Convenience

Use Once. Twice. Or Three Times.

Single-use is usually a dirty word. But as we learn more about how true sustainability nets out, we know that it depends on where it comes from and how it ends up. So customers can feel good about doing something that's easy for once.

Scrummi at home can be used a couple of times and hung dry in between. So one pack of six towels will last six to 18 washes. 

What's Included

What do you get with Scrummi Home?

Get Scrummi Home

Available to a select few during the launch phase. If you're interested in carrying Scrummi Home in your salon, suite, or online shop, please complete the form and we'll be in touch. 

Please note, Scrummi is a professional only brand and will only sell to licensed professionals. #BeautyFirst