Banging on about client care

Banging on about client care

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Banging on About Client Care

The adoption of ECOHEADS Bang Face Shields in salons has sparked one of those debates ‘what a genius idea; why had no one thought of it earlier?’ debates. Their benefits seem so obvious now. But it took a long time for the guys at ECOHEADS to go from concept to delivery. A product that provides stable support for cutting in those perfect bangs, while protecting a client and her make-up from hairspray or wispy hairs that stick to the face is an ace idea, but it is so much more than a piece of transparent plastic with glue on it. Or at least it ought to be.

‘Developing the ECOHEADS Bang Face Shield, I was really
aware that while creating a new product that would benefit stylists and make
their job easier, I also had to think about the client,’ says Benny Risher, the
genius behind the environmentally innovative ECOHEADS brand. ‘A face shield has
to be flexible and thin enough to be comfortable for the client, while being
firm enough that the stylist can press against it without worrying it will bend
out of shape and make it difficult to achieve a perfect line.

‘But even more important, it must use medical-grade
adhesive, otherwise clients could have adverse reactions, even allergenic
reactions, to the shields. ECOHEADS Bang Face Shields have always used medical-grade

It’s this crucial difference that puts the ECOHEADS Bang
Face Shields in a different league to similar products that are appearing in
the industry.

Developed for use in surgical procedures, medical-grade
adhesives must be hypoallergenic, guaranteed to adhere without moving and
gentle to remove without causing discomfort for the client. Non-medical glues
do not meet these stringent standards.

‘Many types of glue cause skin irritation in some clients, while on others they might leave unsightly red lines. The worst scenario is they could lead to a severe allergic reaction,’ continues Benny. ‘At the very least, they can be painful to remove. You can’t have clients wincing in the chair because the face shields you use are stuck on with cheap glue. ECOHEADS Bang Face Shields stay in place as long as you need them to, and are easily and painlessly removed.

As with all ECOHEADS products, Benny and his partners also prioritized sustainability when inventing the Bang Face Shields. They are made from a technologically advanced lightweight polymer, developed for NASA, which is 100% recyclable. Its glass-like clarity means it is almost invisible to the client while being firm enough to give good support for the stylist. And using this lighter material, ECOHEADS has been able to make the Bang Face Shields larger than any other on the market, giving full coverage.

The generous development time allocated by ECOHEADS to its Bang Face Shields has paid dividends. It has created a new product with excellent functionality but with client comfort at the heart.

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