Are you a Clean Water Salon?

The ECOHEADS spray nozzle does more than filter and soften your water. It saves up to 65% of the water and energy used on every client, while improving the guest experience.
ECOHEADS Showerhead X
ECOHEADS Showerhead X
ECOHEADS Showerhead X
ECOHEADS Showerhead X
ECOHEADS Showerhead X
(100+ rating)
Are you the victim of bad water? You’re not alone. The United States and Canada suffer from some of the hardest water on the globe. The ECOHEADS Showerhead X now includes as standard a magnetic filter, which reduces limescale build-up and adds a positive charge to the water to smooth...
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Easy installation, fitting 100% of all basins in the United States. 

One of two methods - screw off your current nozzle or screw off your hose from the basin. 

Contact the Sustain Beauty Co support team for assistance. 


  • Nylon Braided Hose: Necessary for roughly 60% of all basins, the ECOHEADS hose is made of tough nylon braiding and manufactured specifically for the ECOHEADS fittings.
  • Conversion Plate: Some basins are not equipped to utilize the included hose receiver. While not mandatory for function, you may adapt your basin to have a round hole so you can install this accessory.


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It's Not Just About What You'll Save. 
It's What You'll Gain.


Improve Guest Experience

The soft, but firm pressure of the ECOHEADS spray nozzle is relaxing for the guest, proven to ensure color and product is fully removed from the hair and scalp, but also improves blood flow. The negative ions also change the chemical makeup of the water, reducing the impact of minerals in your water on both hair and scalp.
Soft Water

Negative Ions Create Better Results

The ECOHEADS nozzle introduces negative ions into the water in three ways. 

First, it's innovative magnetic filter located in the base of the nozzle passes the water between two polarized magnets before it then passes between proprietary stones that are comprised of tourmaline, magnetite and other compounds. 

Finally, the silver plate on the face of the nozzle squeezes the water molecules creating what science lovers call 'The Leonard Effect'. #sciencerules
Clean Water

Removes Sediment, Sand, Rust, & More

You'll be shocked the first time you clean your nozzle filter. From sand, sediment, rust from your pipes to even LEAVES have been found in the ECOHEADS filter. 

Don't ruin your work with the dirt (and chemicals) commonly found in water sources.
Save Water & Energy

Rinse Faster. Save the Planet.

The ECOHEADS spray nozzle has been tested by the W.E.L.S. water program to save up to 65% of the water and energy typically used to rinse color. The pressure, the water flow saves you time, strain, and money.

Save Water

“ECOHEADS are truly remarkable. We saved over 2,000 gallons of water our first month of having them installed! The water pressure helps remove thick color from clients hair and our clients enjoy the extra pressure as well!”

Kevin Wilson

- Santa Fe, NM

Save Money

“ECOHEADS is the absolute way to go! Our clients love the water pressure and it's made rinsing color super fast and easy. Not to mention, after having ECOHEADS installed only 1 month, we saw a $200 savings on our electric bill! ”

Allyson King

- Brooklyn, NY

Sleek Design

“We love our ECOHEADS! They're fun to watch and our clients find the water pressure super relaxing. Plus, you can't beat saving water and money on our water and electric bill each month. We can't say enough about this amazing product. Thank you, ECOHEADS!”

Modern Love Salon

- Scottsdale, AZ

What's Included

Your purifier releases negative ions to keep the air fresh, helping you 
stay refreshed after a hard day's work.

asked questions

Do I need a new hose?

Roughly 60% of US basins will need a hose. The biggest question is whether your current nozzle can be screwed off of your hose. If it's attached, then you will need a hose which is not included with the head.

Do you sell spare filters?

The ECOHEADS nozzle is designed with a permanent filter, which only needs to be cleaned periodically. This is to reduce waste and improve your experience. If your filter breaks for some reason, ECOHEADS will offer replacements.

Will this fit my basin?

We have assisted in over 60,000 installs, none of which we weren't successful with. I repeat - 100% success rate so long as you just give us a call early! That said, every basin is different so we have a few tricks that we can help you with. Our support forum has some insight as well, including a video and written instructions.

Do you have a warranty?

Absolutely! ECOHEADS has a generous warranty on their product, which is part of their commitment to reduce their impact on the waste stream. Their commitment to repair before replace leads the industry. In the first year, all broken parts that aren't from misuse are completely free. After that, they offer replacement parts at replacement cost.

Can I return it if I don't like it?

Yes, we have a 30 day return policy. Details can be found here>>.