Water Quality Month – 5 Things You Can Do Today

What if what came out of your faucet wasn’t as clean as you thought? For over 75% of North America, that’s a reality. And yet our hard water is still a privilege. Over 663 million people around the world live in a region suffering from water scarcity. But it’s not just a shortage of fresh water, it’s also pollution that is threatening our planet’s freshwater supply. This National Water Quality Month, we wanted to highlight some of the ways you can take action today, enhancing your service, building your brand, and protecting the planet.

Use Chemicals Responsibly

What you rinse down the sink goes into our waterways, simple as that. We like to believe waste is captured and filtered before it makes it’s way into our lakes and oceans, but that’s not the case in many areas. Reducing harmful chemicals as much as possible is essential. Using systems like Vish not only opens up doors for more revenue with pricing systems like Parts & Labor, it also helps salons reduce color costs by storing formulas based on usage. Combine that with The Ping color mixer, you can see color usage plummet by over 40% which means you saving money and limiting chemical exposure.

Ditch Your Cotton Towels

Laundry is a huge time, energy, and water suck. It is the least efficient thing a salon does, particularly when there is an alternative that is an upgrade for the service and also better for the planet. Salons switching to Scrummi biodegradable hair towels are saving hundreds of dollars a month in laundry costs and enjoying a fresh, clean, and hyper-absorbent toweling experience without flushing hundreds of gallons of sudsy water down the drain. Curious how much water you are using and how much you can save? We can help you estimate how much laundry is costing you.

Reduce How Much Water You Use

Fix those leaky faucets, install efficient appliances (and claim tax breaks) and upgrade your basins to water-saving nozzles. ECOHEADS is a salon must-have for several reasons, but one important one is that it saves up to 65% of the water and energy used while rinsing. That means, less fresh water wasted. Period.

Switch to Non-Toxic Products Where you Can

Every time you use a chemical in the salon, it has the potential of reaching waterways. Not just your hair color and backbar products, it’s also your cleaners, hand wash, and sanitizers. Switch to non-toxic products like The Salon Chair Guys, who have a series of products that condition and protect your salon furniture made without chemicals that damage the environment. You won’t believe how easy it is to eliminate chemicals when you get a glimpse of the performance of plant-based cleaners.

Clean & Filter Your Salon Water

While you’re busy protecting waterways, install water cleaning filters at your salon basin, ensuring your guests have soft, clean water when they relax back for their shampoo ritual. Are you part of the #cleanwatersalon movement already? Make sure you claim a promotional cling to hang in your window confirming the level of care your guest can expect.

Cleaning up your water usage in the salon will be an amazing launchpad to inspire and rally your community. Think about how can make this bigger than your chair. Organize stream cleanups, protect river banks by planting trees, adopt a watershed – there are so many ways your salon can inspire the community.

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