The Scrummi Method

You’ve been doing it your whole life. Since when is the looped cotton towel not the thing to dry hair? But unlike mom jeans and perms, cotton towels are a thing of the past for savvy artists, never to return to plague the salon with laundry.

Scrummi launched their waffle pattern biodegradable towel with the mission to be more efficient in all ways. That included helping the artist shorten the blowdry and style by drying the hair better, leaving the hair cuticle in better condition for a smoother style.

The Scrummi Method: The BUN

Why Is The Scrummi Method Better?

“I honestly couldn’t do what I do without Scrummi Towels”
~ Ethan King

The more you dry the hair before you style, the less time, energy (yours and from the grid) and heat is used to dry the hair. This method is designed to absorb the most amount of water by:

  1. Squeezing before you wrap. Releasing water from the hair means the towel and your arms have to do less work.
  2. Using wood pulp instead of cotton. Wood pulp by nature absorbs more water per fiber than cotton.
  3. Continuous absorption. The Scrummi towel dries the hair evenly and continues to absorb water as you clean the rinse basin.
  4. Smoother, healthier result. The Scrummi towel is smooth and does not rough the hair cuticle, meaning your results will be smoother and with less breakage but also because you use less heat and stress on the hair with the shorter dry time, the client’s hair is less stressed overall.

Save Water
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