Sarai Speer

Hey there, I’m Sarai
And after being in the industry for 15+ years I think it’s safe to say my passion for hair is UNREAL.
You might know me as The Platinum Giraffe🦒 or from my Whoville Christmas Tree technique (which Allure magazine called it “terrifying”). I’m a nationwide educator and artistic director with Trionics and Olaplex, and am most expert at incredible, hair transformations and teaching my platinum blonding techniques.
I’ve been featured in Buzzfeed, Cosmo, PopSugar, Sephora, Insider Beauty, The Today Show, Modern Salon.
I consider hair my true calling, one that allows me to continuously challenge myself as an artist. I strive to motivate, inspire, and empower others by sharing my knowledge.I love teaching others through my direct, no BS approach and sharing innovative techniques that are helping the industry evolve.
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