Water is a fast depleting resource, at least fresh water is. Waste and contamination are two major threats to domestic and global sources of water and the UN is acutely aware of the threat to humans. They estimate that by 2030 67% of the global population will reside in water stressed areas. Today, 667 million people do not have access to clean, safe drinking water.

The washbasin and laundry are two areas of the beauty business that quickly help to conserve water and energy, which is why the ECOHEADS showerhead and the Scrummi salon towel collection are two of the most popular salon products. They conserve not only resources, but elevate the service with higher-performing products.

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Rinse Basin


One of the major issues with water scarcity is the contamination of water. The majority of water on the planet is not suitable for drinking and fresh water is depleting rapidly. Reducing the amount of chemicals used in the first place makes huge strides in preserving our water resources. That includes both in hair services as well as the chemicals we use to clean and launder.

Increase Profits
Save Time

Compostable Single Use

At first, it seems completely counter-intuitive – how can something you throw away after one use be better than a reusable item? When you look at the entire lifecycle of the product – manufacturing, use, and disposal – you see that many times it’s better to use thoughtfully produced items once than maintain an item that stresses the planet. Sustainability is a broad picture of how we impact the environment.

Sustainable Salon TowelScrummi
Sustainable Salon TowelScrummi

Sustainable Salon Towel

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Save Time + Cost
Conserve Resources
Better Results

Maximize Profits

In order to do good on this planet, you must have a thriving and successful business. This enables you to support and nurture the career of others in your community, invest in initiatives that make a difference, service clients in a kind and thoughtful way using methods proven to be better and do better than the older conventions. Profit is an important part of sustainability and we take it very seriously.

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More Money to Invest

Sustainability by Numbers

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We’ve pulled data and facts from reputable studies and third-party agencies to gather a snapshot of how our industry impacts the planet.

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