Re-Using PAPERNOTFOIL Going the extra mile

There are several reasons PAPERNOTFOIL is the sustainable alternative to aluminum foils. First, it’s produced using less energy. Second it’s made from industrial waste that does no damage to the environment. Third, it can be re-used. YES. You read that right. It can be re-used. Before we talk about HOW it can be re-used, let’s list off the fourth reason it’s super sustainable – it’s also degradable, so when you are done with it, it just goes back to the earth. Ok, back to the re-usable part.


Hand Wash

Giving them a strong rinse (using ECOHEADS showerhead, perhaps), or soaking them for a minute and then giving it a slight rub with a biodegradable shampoo and making sure to rinse away any trace.

Washing Machine

If you are going to use a washing machine, we advise – put them in with a few towels so they don’t stick together and biodegradable detergent.


After washed, you can lay them out straight and let them air dry overnight or hang them up on a clothes line. If you’re in a rush, or don’t have the space, just toss them in the clothes dryer, along with the towels you washed them with, and dry them for no longer than 10 minutes as they should only take one or two minutes to dry.


Whether you don’t plan to re-use PAPER in the first place, or you’ve hit the max, disposing of PAPERNOTFOIL is easy as it’s degradable. We recommend throwing it in the Single Use Items or Paper Bin from Green Circle Salons to be incinerated in the most eco-friendly fashion. Not yet a Green Circle Salon? Contact our eco-friends and make sure you tell them Sustain Beauty Co sent you.