Paper Not FoilIntroducing Sustainability to Hair Foils

What started out as product that would eliminate the aluminum waste from the professional beauty industry turned out not only to do just that, but to also be a hair foil replacement that performs better than traditional foil.

PAPERNOTFOIL founder and inventor, Amanda Buckingham, mother of three who has won countless awards as both an educator and as a personal stylist, realized how much waste she was creating with aluminum foils when colouring her client’s hair. Aluminum foil which is deposited straight into landfill sites, or incinerated via high-energy ‘recycling programs,’ is one of the most wasteful and toxic products to produce and recycle on the planet. Amanda saw an opportunity to create a reusable, recyclable, fully degradable foil that could be manufactured with a zero carbon footprint.

  • Easy to use with two widths and easy to cut to size.
  • Faster without the need to fold over comb or create parcels.
  • Better application with a chalk-like grip and closer to scalp position.
  • Reusable making it cost effective and further reduces eco impact.
  • Easy to wash and dry and when ready to dispose, PAPERNOTFOIL can be put into the trash as its degradable.

Two widths available – 3.9 or 5.1 inches, but cut to size and easy to cut shorter for different applications.

  • Paper Not Foil


Created by salon owners for salon owners

How to Use Paper Not Foil Learn the differences between paper and foil.

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Because Paper has chalk-like texture it grips well to the hair without having to fold over your comb first, or fold into parcels, saving you time. Simply place onto the hair, apply colour and fold together or sandwich – making application faster and fantastic for balayage/placement Paper allows you to be creative with speed.

Paper Not Foil comes in two sizes – Small – 10cm wide x 40cm long Large – 13cm wide x 40cm long

Paper is pre cut and comes with 500 pieces in a pack. This is equivalent to 250 meters of foil. Paper comes in two different widths and can be cut in half for retouch foils, medium foils or into three for short hair. Paper is a standard 40cm length and is perfect for long hair or balayage. Paper is perfect for guarding colour and sections.

Paper can be re-used once and is easy to rinse at the basin, pat dry for small amounts or for large amounts place in washing machine with a few towels on gentle wash, pat dry and use again. Paper does look a bit worn after washing but the sustainability aspect outweighs the wear and tear. A FANTASTIC POINT OF DIFFERENCE IN THE SALON. Paper doesn’t need to be re-used, if you prefer to use new each time then simply rinse and place in the standard trash bin, as paper is non detrimental to the landfill and has no toxic waste in its disposal. It simply turns to egg shells and dust.

No – Paper is a thermal component and will not slow down your processing time but if you wish you can also use paper under gentle heat or climazon – please use manufacturers instructions, discretion and health and safety when using heat.

No – BUT ALL FOIL APPLICATIONS RUN THE RISK OF BLEEDING – Please make sure your application is neat, don’t press the foil tightly together, leave enough room at base of foil for some swelling depending on your colour brand. Paper can actully get closer to the roots because of no folding.

Yes – simply pull out before adding water or while water is running over the clients head – Paper is designed to slide out of the hair, because there is no folding over the comb or folding into parcels it is gentler on the hair AND the client.


Simply clip out the way or roll them into round parcels (tubes) and dinky clip in the middle – like setting. Please see How to use page on Website for instructions.

  • Paper Not Foil