Maintaining Your Showerhead Yes, the thing that cleans your water needs to be cleaned.

To get the most out of your ECOHEADS showerheads, there are a few quick maintenance routines we recommend. Many of these are similar to what you likely did to maintain your previous showerhead, but you’ll continue to get ECOHEADS level benefits with our recommendations.

Daily Maintenance

Part of why our customers love ECOHEADS is it’s likely the first showerhead that looks….well, kinda sexy! To keep it looking gorgeous, wash and dry the entire head (including the silver plate) to reduce the chemical residue buildup.

Weekly Maintenance

Step #1

Once a week, clean the plate to keep it spraying evenly and reducing the product buildup.

First, unscrew the black plastic cover, take out the plate and the rubber ring.

Step #2

Wash and wipe the black cover and the rubber ring.

Soak the silver plate in distilled white vinegar overnight.

Wipe dry and reassemble. (rubber ring, silver plate THEN black ring)

Monthly Maintenance

Step #1

The filter keeps the water you use to wash your clients hair, clean and free of sediment, rust and other nasties that come through our pipes. So, once in a while you’ll need to clean that filter out. Typically, we recommend doing this only when there is a drop in water pressure or you see the filter turning color indicating it is dirty.

To start, unscrew the showerhead from the hose and hold upside down to locate the filter.

Step #2

Take out the filter from the casing.

Step #3

Wash the filter clean from all solids using a firm flow of water and then wipe dry. If not all materials are removed with the spray, use an old toothbrush. Reassemble once clean and screw back onto the base.

In the case of hard water…

In the case of hard water, please ensure both the plate and the filter are cleaned using a natural descaling product like distilled white vinegar at least once a month for optimal performance. In the cases of dirty, hard water the ECOHEADS showerhead is working overtime to provide clean, soft and healthy water so it will require a little more love in these areas of the country.