ECOHEADSUnique Products That Make a Difference

ECOHEADS provide smart products with unique designs that utilize the hairstylist’s time, finance and client service. We are dedicated to conserving our environment and introducing our industry to more environmentally friendly solutions for a sustainable future.

  • ECOHEADS Showerhead


  • Bang Face Shields

  • The Ping

  • X-Pack


Innovative Products for the Professional Salon


ECOHEADS is all about the minimalist life. Whether you are saving energy and water with the pioneering showerhead, or reducing chemical waste with the color maximizing Ping Colour Mixer, ECOHEADS strives to make the artist more efficient and unleash their creativity with enhanced product performance.

The Showerhead

It all started with the showerhead and a simple mission to save one of earth’s most precious resources – water. ECOHEADS didn’t stop there. The professional grade showerhead not only saves water and energy by restricting water flow, it is the only spray nozzle that also increases pressure and therefore reduces rinse times.

With the dual filtration system, the ECOHEADS also cleans the water before it hits the scalp so you aren’t packing in harmful rust, dirt or sediment onto the beautiful color you just created.

Don’t forget the hose available for basins where the hose does not unscrew from the hose.

The Ping

The Ping Colour Mixer unleashes the potential of your color by mixing lightener, colors and tints optimally, taking the color further with the ultimate consistency. Stylists report saving up to 30% of the color used with the ultra creamy consistency and increased volume, meaning you are rinsing less color down the sink and releasing fewer chemicals into the environment while producing an even BETTER result with properly bonded product.

Save time using the industry’s favorite color assistant and ensure you are getting the best results from whatever color line you pledge allegiance to. The Ping will get the best results each and every time and pays for itself within a month of regular use.

Bang Face Shields

The Bang Face Shields is one of those products that you should never go without. An absolute must for a professional service, this fully recyclable face shield comfortably and reliably covers your client’s face while you apply face framing color, complete a bang trim or spritz product to finish a look.

Utilizing a medical grade adhesive for the ultimate comfort and using high grade materials to ensure reliability and full recyclability, The Bang Face Shields is the top shield for salon professionals.

Available on Subscription.