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Sustain Beauty Co is a group of people seeking out sustainable options for the professional beauty artist. We believe that choosing eco-friendly options doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality and performance to create a sustainable path. Our collection of products and services proves this.

ECOHEADS – Innovative Solutions for the Salon Professional

ECOHEADS is a young and innovative brand, born from a passion for innovation with a purpose. Formed in Sydney, Australia with a vision for the future, ECOHEADS provide smart solutions through simple and aesthetic products. We believe that products should both enhance your client experience, benefit your working finances without sacrificing the health and safety of our environment.


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Unique products that make a difference

PAPERNOTFOIL – A Sustainable Replacement for Hair Foils


PAPERNOTFOIL is the World’s first sustainable hair foil, researched and developed in New Zealand. When Founder, Amanda Buckingham created Paper Not Foil, she wanted the tool to have multiple benefits to all users on the foils journey. That is why Paper is also re-useable. Our paper foils are made from industrial waste and have the ability to be reused once.

Making Paper re-useable increases it’s sustainable benefit, reduces salon costs and reduces salon waste.

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And Kick Foil to the Curb

PAPERNOTFOIL is available from Sustain Beauty Co in two widths (4in and 5in) and receive SHIPPING (plus time on your re-orders) when you subscribe!