Sustain Beauty Co and Ergo Focus on Health for Hair Stylists

It’s time to talk about how health and well-being for hair stylists is one of our core pillars in the sustainability manifesto. With all states returning to the salon to get back to work, the team at Sustain Beauty Co has been feeling all the feels when it comes to our comrades marching back into the trenches. While there is profound relief to be getting back to work and seeing clients after seven months of lockdown, things are different and stress of the new reality will compound the stress of finances from months of lost revenue. So, we plan to take the next four weeks to focus on YOU. Your health, your emotional well-being, your body and make sure you are taking a little extra time for you.

This will be a few things. First, we’ll be sending out the vibes with reminders, tips and ideas from your fellow hairdressers on how to stay positive, focused and balanced. We actually couldn’t wait to get started so posted three tips on staying centered last week! Diving back into work cannot be at your peril and we want to help support you as you navigate some potentially rough waters.

Second, we have partnered with Ergo a leading brush and education company that has a range of brushes and training that focus on your body positioning and methods of working so that you can reduce the strain on your body. Hairdressers have an incredibly high incident of repetitive stress injuries from your work and you are on your feet all day (in nice shoes, I might add). Ergo has ergonomic designs and their talented team show you how to create a KILLER finish, while reducing the impact on your body. To get one of these into your hands, today through October 16th, Sustain Beauty Co will be giving away one of their most popular brushes to anyone that purchases two or more of our core products. So you are aware, here is that lineup:

We will also be giving away a brush collection every week on our Instagram page, so make sure you are connected to us on social media so you can enter to win. There are several chances to win, so make sure you are following us and Ergo and tag yourself and two friends in the campaign so you can get the whole collection, valued at $200.

Finally, we are working with our ambassadors to reinforce health and well-being for hair stylists and make sure artists from around the world take care of themselves as they take care of others. Secure your oxygen mask first, my friends. You cannot take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself!

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