Upgrade Your Spa Linens Sustainably

Premium linens can truly elevate the service, but it’s also a hidden cost in the spa, draining profitability through replacements and soaring labor costs.

Scrummi has a range of soft, chemical-free, and biodegradable linens designed for massage, esthetics, nails, and skin services, elevating the experience for your guests,  conserving costs, and being kind to the planet.


Multiple sizes for wrapping or coverage with a soft & luxurious feel.


The Esthetics line feels incredible on the skin and is 100% safe & chemical-free.


Specialized products for Facial treatments that will reduce your laundry load.

Nail Bars

Not all towels are created equal. Facial towels are great for removing your treatments.

The Truly Holistic Service

Your clients no doubt feel wonderful when they are within your walls, receiving premium treatment and pampering. Knowing their service is also low-impact on the environment will offer a new level of appreciation for your service quality.

Scrummi Spa offers a lengthy list of products that will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint by dropping your laundry pile to close to zero.

Scrummi Spa Products

Now that you've started saving, don't stop.

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