Bluetooth Color Scale - Vish Color System Ready

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Cut your color waste with the most accurate color scale on the market. Measuring down to the 1/10 of a gram, this scale gives you ultimate control over your formula's and ensures you use only what you intend and never more.

This scale is Vish-ready and Sustain Beauty Co members get one month free when you drop our name.
This premium color scale is not only the sexiest piece of technology for your color bar, it's the most precise and reliable scale. Capable of measuring down to 1/10 of a gram, this scale is built from laboratory-grade parts making it hands down the best on the market and Sustain Beauty Co loves it because precision means less waste.

This scale is bluetooth enabled and can be used with Vish Color Management System, which allows hair stylists to not only measure, track and store their formula for each client, it also uses data to manage profit margins on your services and automate pricing and updating the client ticket so you never risk forgetting to charge your client for product used. The sad reality is this happens on about 15% of the time and equates to thousands of dollars. The Vish system also can charge for extra color based on allowances you set, or you can charge separately for the service you provide and the color you use. The great thing about that, is that you only ever charge for precisely what was used on the client and never more or less.

This scale comes in white or black and has a LED display for bright contrast and ease of use. The Acaia scale can be used with or without a Vish subscription, but Sustain Beauty Co clients get their first month free. Just drop our name. It's kind of a big deal.