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Sustainable Hand Towels by Easydry

The single use hand towel is the only biodegradable that is both premium and affordable, giving sustainable salons a solution that extends even to the rest areas of the salon.

Manufactured only in white, the hand towels are 12 in x 8 in and come in different quantities. For salons that include nail services, estimate three towels per nail client and for hand washing only estimate one for every three clients you see in a month. Every subscription ships free from Sustain Beauty Co on a monthly basis, so if you have questions about how much to order, contact kelli@sustainbeauty.co who will get you on the path to sustainable success.

From: $176.00 / month


Why use a sustainable hand towel instead of the standard paper towel? This small towel is made out of the same environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes as the other Easydry products but is more absorbant, softer and hygienic than the traditional paper version. For salons that include nail services, these are the obvious choice for nail technicians for placing under the hands on top of the towel, drying the nail beds, cleaning the hands or feet or even using as a compress. Many high end salons also incorporate these sustainable versions in the restroom for a softer, upgraded and sustainable option for drying hands, which is more hygienic but still considers the environment.

Used in high-end salons across Europe and Australia, Easydry was the eco-pioneer in environmentally conscious salon consumables. Produced ethically, offering a service that is in-line with your client’s moral compass, Easydry saves you money, produces a better result and protects the planet.

Weight 635 oz

1120, 5040, 5200


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