Get Your Time Back!

Some chores are necessary, but others are silently sabotaging how much money you put in the bank. Laundry is one of them. Did you know the average load of laundry costs you $17-$20? That's because one load of laundry takes on average one hour of time from start to when you finish folding and restocking the shelves.

And if it's YOUR time, that's a big issue because what you could charge in services during that hour is an even bigger loss. Scrummi saves you time, but also costs on average 20-30% less than traditional cotton towels.


Scrummi towels are independently tested to be up to 10x more absorbent than standard cotton towels. Made from sustainably forested wood pulp, Scrummi users constantly report better results and shorter drying times when following The Scrummi Method.

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