Together We Grow

Every time you invest in a a more sustainable service, you’ll be investing in two additional projects. First, the Save Water Give Water program. Second, you’ll be earning points to put towards additional tools, supplies, and programs that help you do what you love, more sustainably.

Every dollar you spend at Sustain Beauty Co earns you a point. Points accumulate on your account and can be applied toward future purchases. Check out the products you can redeem your points for.

How do you earn points?

Every dollar you spend, earns you a point. You can also earn bonus points for the following:

  • Leaving a review on a product you love (100 pts)
  • Referring a customer (100 pts)
  • Referring a customer that purchases (500 pts)
  • Placing a second order (100pts)
  • Ordering for a fifth time (500 pts)

We may also run campaigns for brands and our partners to help you earn more points, faster. Make sure to stay registered on our email newsletter to stay informed!

Redeem Your Points

You are able to apply your points to any purchase in the shopping cart, or save them to treat yourself. If you want to give a gift to one your colleagues you can also convert your points to a voucher.

Vouchers and points have no cash value.

New Products

Have a look at the latest additions at Sustain Beauty Co and see what you can redeem for.

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