Introducing The Ping X: Redefining Hair Color Mixing

ECOHEADS has been on a remarkable journey to continuously improve and innovate since inception. And as pioneers in performance-driven sustainability, they are the brand to beat when it comes to new salon innovation. To mark their 10 year anniversary, ECOHEADS is unveiling their latest version of their hair color mixer, The Ping X. Building on the incredible success of the original Ping, The Ping X brings a new era of functionality, efficiency, and style to your color mixing experience.

🌟 Evolution in Action 🌟

The Ping X is more than just an upgrade – it’s a leap forward. Still holding true to their core values of sustainability and ease of use, this enhanced version is designed to elevate your mixing game. Featuring an improved motor function, The Ping X boasts unparalleled durability, ensuring that your investment in quality remains steadfast over time.

πŸ’‘ Intelligent Innovation πŸ’‘

What sets The Ping X apart is its ability to effortlessly blend colors, lightener, tints, and plexes. Featuring a new time setting, The Ping X has three options for length of mixing – 45 seconds, 75 seconds, and the all-new 120 seconds, designed for all types of lightener. With the convenience of a dual-timer setting, achieving the creamiest, most consistent blend has never been easier. Choose between speed functions – Normal and Slow – to match your preferred blending style, all done in an air-tight compartment.

πŸ”‹ Power On, Swiftly πŸ”‹

The Ping X comes equipped with a USB fast charger, making charging faster so you don’t have to worry about relapsing to the hand whisk. The Ping X has been tested to charge up to 50% faster, ensuring you can return to crafting your masterpiece without any interruptions.

🌬️ Breath of Fresh Air 🌬️

Your health and comfort are of paramount importance to us. With The Ping X, you can finally say farewell to inhaling harmful chemicals and odors. Embrace a cleaner, safer mixing process that not only improves the air quality in the salon it also reduces repetitive motion strain.

🌈 Unleash Your Creativity 🌈

The Ping X’s enhanced capabilities empower you to save up to 30% on color usage, while maintaining flawless consistency. Imagine the possibilities – vibrant hues, flawless shades, and perfectly balanced blends, all achieved hands-free.

🧼 A Tool for Every Task 🧼

In response to popular demand, the spatula brush makes a triumphant return. Perfect for product retrieval and cleaning, it’s your ultimate companion in keeping The Ping X and its bowls immaculate. The kit now includes 6x brushes, ensuring you’re equipped for any situation.

Are you ready to embrace a new standard of excellence in hair color mixing? The Ping X is your invitation to elevate your artistry, simplify your process, and make a positive impact on the world around you. Join us in celebrating this milestone and experience the future of haircare innovation.

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