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Looking around at businesses, so much of revenue is reliant on future purchases. As a stylist, you have been taught to rebook and to pull forward the appointment. Even reducing the client frequency by one week can drive up your annual income by thousands. But, in the era of balayage, root smudges and ‘lazy girl hair’ that’s no longer what your clients are asking for. So, your twice yearly clients take longer and require more product (that you better be charging for). They pay more for each service, but less overall in the year, getting months from each beautifully sunkissed strand.

That’s kind of how we feel about our products. We feel you invest in performance and the planet when you purchase from any of our brands and it’s our responsibility to help you maximize that investment.

Sustain Beauty Co Support Ethos

Every single product comes with a one year warranty, where we have these principles:

  • Repair before we replace so together
  • Maintain for longevity
  • Update and adapt – new updates are compatible with older versions
  • The Buy Back program
  • End of life partners

We feel it’s important to repair your products wherever possible, so you don’t have to purchase a newer version. If you want to upgrade to a different version, we buy it back from you to help you step into a newer model and to give the original model a second life.

Why do we do this?

Every product we can give an extended life to, stops it from going into our waste streams. There is a significant amount of furniture and hard to recycle appliances that go into landfills and every product we can extend the life on, we do it. That’s why partnerships with companies like The Salon Chair Guys are so important. Their mission is to restore, repair, and maintain your investment in salon and spa furniture, and their products are non-toxic as well, ensuring you don’t impact your health in the process.

We also support and promote Vish Color Management and Salon Scale, companies dedicated to helping you make more from your hair color. If every ounce can make you more money, and be used more wisely, you are saving the planet and padding your bank account at the same time. Win-win, baby!

So, by extending your investment in premium products by even a few months can preserve your cash flow and help you deploy your capital to build your business more effectively.

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