Easydry Sustainable Textiles

Easydry Salon Single Use Textiles

Easydry sustainable salon products for the professional and eco friendly salon.

Easydry is the first and original premium single-use salon towel that is not only biodegradable, but made with sustainable practices enabling each salon client to reduce their carbon footprint along and ditch the laundry service all while upgrading their service.

Easydry’s highly absorbant fabric is ideal for hair services, soaking up more water than a cotton towel. By using a more absorbent, non abrasive towel, stylists will notice a smoother result with shorter blow dry or diffusing time.

Easydry is both biodegradable as well as recyclable, allowing salons to dispose of their single use items responsibly and at a lower overall cost. Cancelling the laundry service or bypassing labor intensive laundry in the salon will free up square footage and be much more hygienic for the clients.

Easydry Products from the Industry's Sustainable Source Never run out! Free shipping on all Easydry monthly subscriptions.

Smoother Results With Easydry

Easydry is far more absorbent than a cotton towel and doesn’t rough the cuticle. For those curly girls that are used to skipping the towel, or even going straight for a micro towel to dry the hair. Ditch them all. The Easydry hair towel will not rough the hair cuticle like a traditional towel and shortens your styling time, improves product performance and keeps your curls tight and smooth.

How Much Should I Order?

Most SBCo clients at minimum order the hair towels. Easydry recommends one medium hair towel per client, or two small hair towels if the stylist prefers. SBCo ships all subscriptions for FREE once a month, so simply order your average monthly client count by one for medium towels or two for small hair towels.

For those dedicated to the sustainable path, estimate one for both the color resistant capes and hand towels.

Still stuck? Let us crunch the numbers for you and email the team at hello@sustainbeauty.co.