Size Does Matter

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We all love to hear what we want to hear, but sometimes reality must creep in, and when we are talking towels, size really does matter. One of the frustrations of hairdressing is not being able to gently wrap a client’s wet hair in a hair towel so it is secure, comfortable and absorbent as they move from basin to styling station. Regardless of what others say, it isn’t what you do with it that counts, it is just too small. And you need more than one to soak up the water. Oh dear, then you have that tedious task of washing, drying, separating, and folding hundreds of towels.

Opting for a larger towel comes with its own problems. It might absorb more moisture than its smaller cousin, but it’s heavier and more expensive, maxes out storage, and means an even bigger laundry headache.

You can understand why so many salons, like Ginger Bay and Reve, have brought in technology-led eco disposable towels. Interestingly, after checking a few potential partners, both salons found the greatest satisfaction with the pioneers of eco disposable towels, Scrummi. Its size is the result of extensive experience consulting with hairdressers.

“Talking to stylists we realized they were desperately looking for ways to upgrade their clients’ experience at the basin,” says Valorie Tate of Sustain Beauty Co, the exclusive supplier of Scrummi Towels. “When they saw how compact the prototype Scrummi towels were, they immediately urged us to increase dimensions beyond those of a traditional cotton towel. It was easy to do because it barely impacted on the folded size, but gave enough fabric to easily wrap around even thick, long or highly textured hair. From there we developed the Scrummi Method to blot and wrap hair.”

Further research allowed Scrummi to create the optimum towel for greatest satisfaction – 16.7in x 31.5in – which is still super-light and takes up a fraction of the storage space required for even a small cotton towel. More importantly, only one towel per client is required, placed on the shoulders during shampoo and treatments, used to blot or plop hair afterwards to wick away excess moisture, and used finally with the Scrummi Method to wrap hair before moving the client.

The other towel and cape sizes in the salon and spa range have been developed using the same research among end-users as the original Scrummi hair towel, followed up with scientific research to optimize manufacture so it is eco-friendly and fully biodegradable. As it turns out, in all areas size does matter.