Sustainable Beauty Products is Our Game Sustain Beauty Co is our name...was that backwards?

A long history in the beauty industry that spans hair color and technology, we came across our sustainable journey by accident, or maybe not. We are frankly a group of corporate misfits, jumping out of the suit space in the professional beauty industry because we love the people, but hated big business. We wanted to find products that truly make a difference and started by creating a stringent list of criteria that each of our recommendations must meet. Now known as the SBCo commandments. A bit corny? Yeah, but it’s served us well as we now represent some of the industry’s top eco-responsible brands and have a reputation for finding and sourcing innovative products that artists love.

Kelli Manley

Everyone’s Favorite

Kelli was once fired by a man in a kilt and it was then that she realized…the corporate world wasn’t for her. She joined the eco-clan and has done everything from writing blogs and sharing her uncanny wit on social to shipping boxes and manhandling plumbing woes. She’s the best, really, just ask any of our clients.

Valorie Tate

Mama Behind the Scenes

The last time Valorie got corporate, she ended up marrying a co-worker and having some kids, so we all agree that’s a bad idea. Founding the parent company, Linkup Marketing, in 2009 Valorie has worked with some fabulous beauty companies and been part of some great initiatives. None as soul satisfying as SBCo. And, yes…Paul is the lucky man.

Paul Tate

The Lost Vowel

Paul can’t stay away. He started this little group and even though he’s got a million projects going (at all times) he’s actually still part of corporate beauty, although he sticks out like a sore thumb in flip flops. The only man that can drop a curse word in a boardroom and get away with it, he’s our secret weapon bringing people together and making connections.